Aiona Alive - E-Citrus Cleanser
Aiona Alive

Aiona Alive - E-Citrus Cleanser

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- gentle natural exfoliating cleanser, safe to use twice a day.
- takes off waterproof mascara 
- does not burn the eyes
- lathers up when activated with water
- beautiful natural fresh scent

Apply a thumbnail amount of cleanser to the face and neck and work into a slight lather. Rinse and allow the skin to dry.

Product Ingredients

Water infused with Horsetail, (Equiseturn Arvense), Coltsfoot (Tussilago Farfara), & Nettle (Urtica Dioica) Decyl Glucoside. Gold Collagen (collagen, collagen amino acids, elastin, elastin amino acids). Hyaluronic Acid (sodium hyaluronate). Vegetable Glycerine. Allantoin. Panthenol. Bladderwrack Tincture (fucus vesiculosus). Licorice Root Tincture (glycyrrhiza glabra). Usnea Tincture (usnea barbata). Uva Ursi Leaf Tincture (arctostaphylos). Yellow Dock Tincture (rumen crispus). Citric Acid. Helichrusum Italicum. Neroli Oil (citrus aurantium). Lavender Oil (lavadula angustifolia). Bergamot Oil (citrus bergamia). Lime Oil (citrus aurantifolia). Biovert Enzyme & Substrate Preservative (glucose, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase).

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