Caribbean Sol - Beach Colours Sunless Tanner
Caribbean Sol

Caribbean Sol - Beach Colours Sunless Tanner

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Finally, a truly natural self tanner that uses no dyes and artificial coloring  agents. No more orange look to your skin! Beach Colours uses natural DHA, a vegetable substrate derived from sugar cane that colors dead skin cells and actually energizes one’s own melanin to produce the skin’s natural darkening process. Surrounding the natural DHA are moisturizers  that will keep the skin from drying out while hastening the natural coloring of the skin. Organic Aloe Leaf and Cucumber extracts; Shea Butter; and Mandarin Oil invigorate and condition the skin, during the speedy coloring process, so your skin does not risk drying out. Now, a  natural way to tan your skin when you cannot spend time in the sun, due to time or weather. Beach Colours has been used in preparation of going into the sun to establish a nice base tan. No Parabens are used as preservatives in  our formulas, only food grade, Natural Sorbate, along with natural plant extracts and Natural Vitamin E from corn.



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