JUSU Body - Ginger Citrus Deodorant

JUSU Body - Ginger Citrus Deodorant

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A naturally effective way to stay odor-free, with crisp, fragrant orange and warm, soothing ginger. Hops and coconut and mango seed butters are natural antibacterials. The combination of acidophilus probiotic, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and hops alkalizes and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. Tapioca starch helps minimize and absorb wetness without blocking healthy sweat.


Virgin coconut oil

is a light, easily absorbed organic oil with antibacterial action.

Active acidophilus

is a probiotic, which is good bacteria that neutralize odors and supports skin health.

Hops tincture

provides skin-supportive antibacterial odor control.

Jusu Ginger pulp infusion

is naturally cleansing, and protects and heals skin. 



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