Clean & Natural Deodorants for Summer 2025

Clean & Natural Deodorants for Summer 2025

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Let's face it, summer can get sweaty. What better way to promote your natural deodorant? Sign up, and we'll put you front and center of new potential customers and help you gain awareness throughout this campaign.

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Please note:
1. Products submitted may require additional documentation submitted by the brand. We are open to signing NDAs if required. If you have fragrance listed you will need to provide the proper paperwork showing its contents.

2. Fill in the application carefully. Product names will appear in promotions exactly how they have been entered in this application.

You may be prompted for your address - please fill in as this is to determine business tax (not shipping costs).


May 8, 11:59 PM (EST)
Live Date: June 1 - July 15, 2025

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