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No More Dry Hands: Our 10 Favorite Moisturizers

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Just as we thought we were escaping the winter weather and heading into sunnier days, we hit a slight bump in the road. Nevertheless, we keep going and remember to think of others and look out for each other.

Since the constant hand washing and sanitizing is here to stay, we wanted to recommend the moisturizers that have been helping our skin feel hydrated and healthy. We compiled our current...

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The Next Generation of Antimicrobial Products

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We are living in a strange time and everyone looking to stay clean and safe. Hand sanitizer has become a coveted item and is sold out everywhere. Companies are continuously working toward solutions that will help keep people safe every day. BLDG Activewas founded on that principle long before the novel coronavirus. They design antimicrobial sprays and hydrogels that keep skin free from any...

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The Best Non-Toxic Makeup

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Non-Toxic Makeups That Actually Work

At Think Dirty, we work with a huge variety of brands in the clean beauty space, brands that make every type of product from haircare to skincare and body care to cosmetics. We, however, are always particularly excited to find and try out new makeup products because as much as we love skincare, clean makeup finds are rare!

Whether it is because they are more...

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Think Dirty Coping Toolbox (Founder Edition): Leading during Wartime

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When the team pitched me on the idea of doing a series for each team member to write the way they manage mental health during COVID19, I immediately loved the idea. They have done great jobs offering their two cents on how to cope with our readers: coping with anxiety, distractions, exercises, stay at home things to do. I want to share my mental journey as a small business owner. Since many of our...

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10 Perfect Gifts for the Moms in Your Life

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It feels like a strange time to be writing a new gift guide. Nothing feels normal and it seems odd to be going through the usual motions of celebrating holidays as if nothing has changed from the last time we celebrated. Life is different now and we are all still coming to termswith it, and that’s okay. Whatever your situation is right now, we wanted to provide you with options because Mother’s...

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