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Think Dirty’s Sizzling Summer Picks for 2023 ✅

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The warm, sunny summer is upon us, which means late-night swims in the ocean, ice cream dates with friends, and an updated skincare regimen. What worked for your skin and hair in the brisk, chilly ...

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Are We Behind on the Sunscreen Game?

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If we’re sure of one thing, it’s that wearing sunscreen is one of the most important things you can do for the present and future of your skin. A high-quality sunscreen with UV filters can protect ...

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Soak up the summer without getting a sunburn: Alternatives to wearing sunscreen

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While basking in the direct sun for hours on end sounds like a dreamy summer day, it can be quite a nightmare for your skin. Sunburns can be incredibly painful and with prolonged, unprotected UV ex...

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Saving Money at What Cost: The Dangers of At-Home Manicures

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While you may be saving a few dollars, learning how to do your own manicures and pedicures at home doesn’t always come without a price. During the pandemic, many people ordered their own at-home ge...

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Clean Beauty on a Budget: Discovering Affordable Natural Beauty Products

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When most people hear about clean beauty, products that are sustainable for the planet and don’t impact our health in a negative way, they often think “dollar signs!” But in reality, that’s not alw...

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