Erin's Faces - Aromatherapy Spray (Choose your scent)
Erin's Faces

Erin's Faces - Aromatherapy Spray (Choose your scent)

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These amazing sprays are multipurpose and can be used as a room spray in your bathroom/kitchen, linen spray in your bedroom, refreshing clothing and even a face/body spray after you are out of the shower.  

I created them because I was tired of finding chemical laden, synthetically fragranced room sprays for my tiny NYC bathroom that has no fan (fun challenge!).  I got a base that is made for the body (Aloe, Witch Hazel) and added essential oils to it and the result is DIVINE!  

91% Organic.

LAVENDER - made with Organic Lavender Essential Oil - very soothing and great for linens and rooms or as a facial mist

BLOOD ORANGE - made with Blood Orange Essential Oil - I love this citrusy one for the bathroom and for kitchens when you cook something with oil or something with fish and it lingers

PEPPERMINT - made with Peppermint Essential Oil - cuts through most odors quickly and leaves a lovely garden mint aroma

GRAPEFRUIT - made with Grapefruit Essential Oil - amazing in the kitchen like the Blood Orange and great for freshening icky trashcans.  Wonderful as an invigorating facial mist.

CINNAMON - made with Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil - one of my favorite holiday sprays - great in living rooms and bathrooms.

Vegan & Gluten-Free. 

4 ounces.



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