12 Days of Inspirational Women: Day 4 – Brenda Hyre, Rejuva Minerals

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Kicking off our countdown to International Women’s Day is Brenda Hyre, President and Founder of Rejuva Minerals (a rated clean brand in our app BTW!) – a line of beauty products which contain nothing but the best of organic, gluten-free, vegan friendly, non-GMO ingredients.

We must do one thing everyday that scares us, said an inspiring woman of her times Eleanor Roosevelt. Brenda followed the mantra when she left her secure career. On one delightful day, Brenda decided to part ways with the healthcare industry to pursue the path of entrepreneurial success, which would only be rewarded by inevitable challenges and necessary risks.

Like many women, Brenda struggled with skin sensitivities for years. Like many women, she was tired of the daily battle with allergies she couldn’t even identify. How annoying is that? It was the realization that her skin irritations were from the cosmetics she used routinely throughout her entire life. Brenda thought, there was clearly something essential missing in the cosmetic industry. Like many women, she wanted a line of accessible, high quality beauty products that served the varying needs of those with sensitive skin. A product line that was free of the common toxic ingredients used in day-to-day products. This individual wanted a solution, so she created one.

With a passionate team of professional chemists and her partner and co-founder, Troy Hyre, Rejuva Minerals was launched in 2006. An inspiration to future femtrepreneurs, Brenda  stepped outside of the world she knew, her comfort zone. She took the risks she found intimidating because they were inseparable from her passion.

Read Brenda’s story to learn how there is no better return on investment than investing in yourself.


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