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The Elephant in the Pink Room

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Did you know that every 69 seconds, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. Out of those 200,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer, 6-10% are diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, the terminal diagnosis of the cancer spreading beyond the breasts, and a further 30% of those initial 200,000 will later progress to the metastatic stage. Out of the 40,000 people who die from breast cancer every...

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#TryThisInstead: Pinkwashing Edition Round 2

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imageBecause it’s still Pinktober, we’re at it again to let you know the biggest pinkwashing offenders. Not sure what pinkwashing is? Check out our blog post to get the low-down. Don’t get us wrong, we love  supporting breast cancer awareness but products like these not only seldom donate to breast cancer research funds, but usually are only using pinkwashing to help advertise their product!

#1. Susan...

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Pinktober = #Pinkwashing ≠ Cancer Prevention

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Pinktober is like Movember, except we ladies have been hypnotized by the sea of pinkness for much longer. Today kicks off the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause we hold near to our heart. As consumers, our exposure to breast cancer awareness this month will grow exponentially because of advertisements and products featuring the pink ribbon – a sign of solidarity for breast cancer...

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Strength In Every Day: Gender Dichotomy in Cancer Culture

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Strength In Every Day: Gender Dichotomy in Cancer Culture:


I never realized the gender dichotomy of cancer culture until today. Culture surrounding men’s cancer is primarily about prevention and treatment, while women’s cancer culture focuses on emotions and attempting to conform to the social standards held for women (looking pretty and “feminine”). I…

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