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8 Best Natural Face Serums Your Face Will Love

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Back in the day, the Ancient Egyptians used castor, moringa and sesame oils to fight wrinkles and maintain a youthful complexion. (That drying desert heat, you know?) Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile known for both her brains and beauty, is said to have been among them.

Today, you can give yourself the same royal treatment by using face serums made with plant-based oilsthat are fit for any queen....

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The Lowdown on Icky Ingredients: What to Avoid and Why

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The cosmetic industry often tries out weird and dangerous ingredients. From using Arsenic in powders to Lead in foundations in the past, to Talc and other toxins today. Here is Think Dirty’s list of ingredients that you should avoid in your cosmetic products.

Parabens (methyl- & propyl-, butyl-, ethyl-) (Rated 8)

Parabens are a family of man-made chemicalsthat are usually used as preservatives. They...

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