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New :  *Scan for Toxic Chemicals* App!


New app lets you quickly scan cosmetics to see if they’re potentially toxic


We’re trying not to freak out, but THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST APP EVER.


The free app will tell you if shampoo or makeup contains potentially toxic chemicals (“BHA / BHT, PEGs, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde releasing agents, siloxanes, sulfates, fragrance/parfum and non-biodegradable ingredients”). 


Reports Ecouterre:

Users can scan a product in question, and immediately learn if it is “clean” or “dirty.” If deemed dirty, the app will offer similar and safe alternatives to buy instead. The app can also be used to raid your own bathroom closet and get rid of old products that could be unsafe.

There’s even a handy iPhone case reminding you what to watch out for in shampoo.


Grab the free app here!




Demystify Cosmetics Labels With “Think Dirty” Smartphone App, Ecouterre

Also: Think Dirty App Scans Your Personal Care Products Looking for Toxins



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Think Dirty: App Review

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My world has been busy these days, but I’m back to talk beauty because even though I’ve been doing a billion other things, I’m thinking around the clock about everything I want to share with you!

Just yesterday, a friend told me about ‘Think Dirty,’an app that tells you how toxic your personal care and beauty products are by carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive...

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New favourite non-toxic Nail Polish

karmas organics nail polishes non-toxic review

Karma Organics

My new favourite is Karma Organics - I applied Christmas in July.

All ingredients are disclosed on their website, I wikipediaed them all are verified. It doesn’t smell. And the soy bean oil remover is very gentle on your nails. On top of that, it lasts good 2 weeks. I highly recommend this brand.

For Toronto readers, I bought mine from 889 Yoga.

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