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No More Dry Hands: Our 10 Favorite Moisturizers

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Just as we thought we were escaping the winter weather and heading into sunnier days, we hit a slight bump in the road. Nevertheless, we keep going and remember to think of others and look out for each other.

Since the constant hand washing and sanitizing is here to stay, we wanted to recommend the moisturizers that have been helping our skin feel hydrated and healthy. We compiled our current...

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The Next Generation of Antimicrobial Products

antimicrobial-resistance coronavirus covid19 hand-sanitizer health

We are living in a strange time and everyone looking to stay clean and safe. Hand sanitizer has become a coveted item and is sold out everywhere. Companies are continuously working toward solutions that will help keep people safe every day. BLDG Activewas founded on that principle long before the novel coronavirus. They design antimicrobial sprays and hydrogels that keep skin free from any...

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Think Dirty Coping Toolbox: Moodboards + Playlists

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There have been a lot of memes about how introverts are thriving during COVID-19. Yet even as an introvert myself, staying sane is becoming a bit of a struggle. We at Think Dirtyrealize that everyone has different ways of coping. With this in mind, we’ve created a series where we can be candid about how self-isolation has been affecting us and how we’re dealing with it in our own ways. If you’ve...

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Think Dirty Coping Toolbox: Stretching & More!

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In light of our adjustments into self-isolation, the Think Dirty team has brainstormed ways to create meaningful, enjoyable content that feels authentic. More than anything we didn’t want to preach about the wonders of meditation and baking bread to pass the time. Let’s be real, no one wants to hear more of that, and personally I would not be caught dead baking my own bread during the quarantine....

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Think Dirty Coping Toolbox: Reading & More!

anxiety coping covid19 mental-health think-dirty

Over the course of the next few weeks, the Think Dirty Team will be sharing our coping mechanisms with you! If you haven’t read our article about Anxiety in The Time of Corona, I highly recommend you do that first. If you are not planning to do that, here are the highlights. There is no one way to cope with the state of the world right now but the key is finding the best way for you. The purpose...

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