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Top 3 Rituals For Self-Love Answered by Our Favorite Founders [3/ 3]

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Brand: Niucoco

James’s 3 Rituals:  

1. Think of three positive things that happened in your day, every day. This daily routine rewires your brain to see the good parts of life.

2. Give a compliment to a stranger. Their smile will make you smile! Most people find that doing something positive for someone else is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

3. Remind yourself you are enough. Make this your...

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12 Days of Inspirational Women: Day 10- Gretta Perez Licea, Zao Organic Makeup

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Zao Organic Makeup, one of the brands we are proudly partnered with, is all for looking beautiful without compromising health of any sorts. Not only are their products made with safe ingredients, but also are sustainably packaged and not tested on animals! USA distributor, Gretta Perez Licea plays a large part in the mission of Zao Organic Makeup and today we are happy to share her story with you!



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