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How to Stay Sun-Safe This Summer

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After being cooped up all winter, and even spring, we can finally spend our days joyfully engaging in outdoor activities in the summer sunshine. Posting up at the beach all day in your bathing suit...

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Think Dirty’s Sizzling Summer Picks for 2023 ✅

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The warm, sunny summer is upon us, which means late-night swims in the ocean, ice cream dates with friends, and an updated skincare regimen. What worked for your skin and hair in the brisk, chilly ...

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Is Reef-Safe Sunscreen Really Reef Safe?

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If you’ve stocked up on any sunscreen to protect your skin from the rays this summer, you’ve likely noticed that many sunscreens include (or don’t include) messaging on their packaging that reads “Reef-Safe”. If you’ve ever wondered what this term means, or why certain sunscreens are considered safer for coral reefs, this post is for you!

Like many terms and buzzwordscommonly used in the personal...

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How To: Avoid Sunburns in Style

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Don’t let the summer sun sneak up on you this year! Last summer we highlighted the toxic ingredients commonly found in sunscreen. We strongly believe your SPF protection shouldn’t come at a cost to your health. So this summer, instead of searching your bathroom cabinet for old sunscreens (that might even be expired or toxic), try out one of our 2021 favorites.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC CreamSPF...

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Think Dirty’s Ultimate 2020 Sunscreen Guide

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After the extended Vitamin D deficiency that has constituted the past few months, you are probably excited to spend time outside in the sunshine. Summer has definitely arrived, and while it may look a little different than last year, there are still plenty of ways to take advantage of the warm weather.

Note: If you’re stepping outdoors, stay safe and keep your mask on. The confusing and...

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