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Think Dirty’s 2021 Clean Beauty Gift Guide

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It’s the holiday shopping season! Is there anything more exciting than getting your loved ones gifts for the holidays? We think not! This is why we have curated Think Dirty’s 2021 Clean Beauty Gift Guide to help you get through the process as quickly as possible. We have giftsfor everyone on your list, and with the holiday cheer about to hit its peak, this is the best time to discover new products...

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Why ‘Organic’ is a Confusing Label

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Organic cosmetics have been around for a while yet when asked to describe what ‘organic’ means, you (like many) may be lost for words. You know ‘organic’ means cleaner, safer and better, but in what way? We’re going to break it down for you.

What does organic mean?

A product is organicif it uses ingredients grown in soil or...

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Tips & Tricks for Halloween

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Think Dirty is your #1 App for Clean Beauty. Find us on iOS or Android.

The exciting thing about getting ready for a Halloween Party is putting on makeup and watching your face transform into your chosen character.The worst thing is taking the makeup off before crawling into bed after a long night. In this post, we share the top dos and don’ts of Halloween makeup, and suggest beauty products to...

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Pink Ribbons Inc. — Sales For A “Good Cause”

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Pink Ribbons Inc. — Sales For A “Good Cause”

The other day, as I was restocking my toilet paper, I noticed a small section dedicated to breast cancer support on the packaging. Like many other so-called “pinkwashing items,” toilet paper is one of many smeared in pink and pink ribbons around the time of October.

The pink ribbon has become a synonymous symbol with breast cancer in the world. From pink...

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Animal Testing: A Cosmetic History

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On January 1st, 2021, China’s State Council moved to change its regulations on animal testing for “ordinary” cosmetic productsimported into the country. This was seen as a big success for the cruelty-free community. But why does this policy change matter? And better yet, why is animal testing still around, and how did we get here? Today, we tackle how it started, when cosmetics started being...

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