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Gifting Eco-Glamour For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is extra hard this year since most of us are opting to stay home and skip the romantic dinner out. Many of us are feeling some serious pressure to get the perfect gift for the one we love. Don’t worry, because you know the Think Dirty team always comes through with some killer gift suggestions. This Valentine’s Day we have selected the absolute perfect duo to gift. Whether your...

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Emma Lewisham is Redefining Sustainability in the Beauty Industry

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What does it mean for something to be sustainable? Brands tend to throw this word around with no specific definition. Consumers are led to assume that something marketed as “sustainable” is inherently environmentally-friendly. In general, a sustainable practice is one that does not harm the environment and could continue for an extended amount of time without ever causing environmental damage....

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4 Easy Swaps to Clean Up Your Spring Cleaning Routine

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Spring has sprung… almost! The season where the sun begins to peek through the clouds and being outside without a full-body coat is possible. Spring cleaning can help you pull yourself out of that wintertime rut and get ready for the summer months. This is our room-by-room guide to getting your home in perfect shape without using the toxic, unhealthy products you may be used to. It may surprise...

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Ingredients and the Ocean: The Secret Danger

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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if your favourite products could be harming the ocean; one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet?

On our blog, we talk about how different ingredients can harm our bodies and affect our health. One problem that is not often discussed is how ingredients toxic to human health eventually wind up in ecosystems. These ingredients can disrupt the environment...

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Think Dirty’s 12 Days of Gifting: Day 10— The Environmental Activist

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Think Dirty’s 12 Days of Gifting: Day 10 — The Environmental Activist

On the tenth day of gifting my true love gave to me…an environmental activist. They’re ecoconscious and advocate for all causes big and small that preserve the Earth we all walk on. They’re the friend that reminds you to compost and always have tips on reducing your carbon footprint. They love the planet and will love these envir...

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