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Ingredient Breakdown: All Things Silicones

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You may have seen many product packages proudly claiming to be silicone-free but what are silicones and should you be avoiding them? Today we break down all things silicone: where it comes from, what it does, and why it is in your products.

Silicon is not silicone?

Yes, there is a difference! Silicon is a natural chemical element...

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The Great Color Debate

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When looking to buy makeup, we often take for granted how varied the colors of the products are. But have you ever wondered about where that color comes from? What about the safety of those colors — how do we know that the pigments used are non-toxic? Is there a difference between synthetic and natural pigments? Today we break...

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Mixing Products 101: Here’s How to Do it in the Right Order

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Think Dirty is your #1 App for Clean Beauty. Find us on iOS or Android.

When first venturing into the world of skincare and makeup, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer selection of products available. The first trip to Sephoraor Ulta can be filled with confusion and frustration over not knowing what to select. There are many guides out there that will tell you what products to use and the...

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How To: Avoid Sunburns in Style

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Don’t let the summer sun sneak up on you this year! Last summer we highlighted the toxic ingredients commonly found in sunscreen. We strongly believe your SPF protection shouldn’t come at a cost to your health. So this summer, instead of searching your bathroom cabinet for old sunscreens (that might even be expired or toxic), try out one of our 2021 favorites.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC CreamSPF...

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Ingredient Breakdown: Fragrance

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When people first use our app, they tend to be shocked when they look up their go-to products and find that many are rated an 8 in our system. Unfortunately, scoring an 8 in the Think Dirtybook means that the ingredients can carry potentially serious negative long-term health effects. A lot of the time, this rating is largely due to the ingredient known as Fragrance or Parfum. The vast majority of...

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