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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

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A couple of days ago we wrote a post about how to jumpstart your spring cleaning. We made some recommendations of eco-friendly, effective, and most of all safe products for any and all of your home cleaning needs. Today we wanted to dive into another thing that can be cleaned up … your makeup bag! Many people do not realize just how toxic and unsafe many of the ingredients in the most popular...

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Independent Certifications: What do they mean?

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Last week we wrote a post about how confusing and misleading the term “organic” can be on beauty products. This week, we want to dive into some popular independent certifications that have varying standards. We want you to be smart beauty shoppers so we are breaking down the most common certifications.

One label you may have spotted before is MADE SAFE. Made Safe is a nonprofit and focuses on...

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Ingredients and the Ocean: The Secret Danger

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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if your favourite products could be harming the ocean; one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet?

On our blog, we talk about how different ingredients can harm our bodies and affect our health. One problem that is not often discussed is how ingredients toxic to human health eventually wind up in ecosystems. These ingredients can disrupt the environment...

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Beauty Buzzwords: Organic vs. Sustainable vs. Fair Trade

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‘Clean living’ is one of the largest industry trends right now and companies have learned to leverage this trend to take advantage of consumers. Take a look at a website like Goop or walk into a Whole Foods Market and you will see a stream of buzzwords without any clear meaning attached.

So what exactly do these words mean for product ingredients? Taking a look at the actual definitions does not...

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ThinkDirty Ingredient Breakdown: SDS vs. SLS vs. SLES

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Think Dirty Ingredient Breakdown: SDS vs. SLS vs. SLES

If you are a conscious beauty shopper who values clean, safe ingredientsyou may recognize these abbreviations from common household products. Brands like Dove, Pantene, Softsoap, Dawn, and Colgate that most people use every day, often contain SLS or SLES. SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, also known as SDS, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate. SLES...

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