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No Fun at All: What is Fungal Acne and How Can You Treat It?

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If you’ve ever experienced acne, you know just how hard it can be on your confidence, but it’s important you don’t let it stop you from living your best life — you’re still beautiful!

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Vaginal Dryness: Could it be Linked to Allergies?

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Simply put, vaginal dryness can be wildly painful and uncomfortable, and finding relief isn’t always easy. It can happen to women at any age and can be caused by a variety of factors that we don’t ...

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The harm of social media’s definition of beauty: the botox trends

beauty botox social-media toxic trends

Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin is incredibly important, and some people find that Botox, fillers, and other cosmetic procedures help them achieve this. But it’s true that the be...

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The Hidden Dangers of Disposable Razors: Unveiling the Environmental and Health Implications

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Even though they can come in handy, disposable razors aren’t good for the environment or your health. Disposable razors are usually meant for one-time use, but they can last for three to 10 shaves ...

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Non-toxic nail polish: get pretty nails without paying the price

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Having freshly painted fingers and toes can really work wonders on your self-confidence and complete a fashionable look. But unless you’re being mindful of the ingredients used in your nail polish,...

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