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Battling Breast Cancer in Men: Tips for Early Detection

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Battling Breast Cancer in Men: Tips for Early Detection

Each October the world lends its attention to Breast Cancer Awareness but little light is shed on breast cancer in men. This year we’d like to focus on the smaller but still significant number of m...

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Pink Ribbons Inc. — Sales For A “Good Cause”

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Pink Ribbons Inc. — Sales For A “Good Cause”

The other day, as I was restocking my toilet paper, I noticed a small section dedicated to breast cancer support on the packaging. Like many other so-called “pinkwashing items,” toilet paper is one of many smeared in pink and pink ribbons around the time of October.

The pink ribbon has become a synonymous symbol with breast cancer in the world. From pink...

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Breast Cancer Month 2020: California Steps Up to the Plate

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This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to share some good news. In California, over the past month, 3 landmark acts have been approved. These acts concern the regulation of harmful chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer, among many other serious health concerns.

If you are familiar with what we do at Think Dirty, you may already be aware of the links between exposure to oft-used...

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Let’s Talk About Breast Cancer Month

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Welcome to October! We’re back for another little Think Dirty History Lesson. This time, we want to talk about Breast Cancer Month.

As you likely know from the flood of pink ribbon products, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We, however, prefer to call it Breast Cancer Prevention Month, as we believe the focus should be on preventative measures. The concept of Awareness Month has garnered...

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#NoPinkwashing this October

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Pinktober is like Movember, except we ladies have been hypnotized by the sea of pinkness for much longer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause we hold near to our heart. As consumers, our exposure to breast cancer awareness this month will grow exponentially because of advertisements and products featuring the pink ribbon – a sign of solidarity for breast cancer survivors. If you are...

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