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12 Days of Gift Guide under $25, $50 and $100! - Day 3

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Day 3: The mom-to-be

Whether or not you’re an inexperience or experience mom, there are an endless amount of considerations when preparing for life with a child. Things can get overwhelming for mom-to-be in your life and that’s why we put together this list of essential items.

$25 and under:

Basd Coffee Body Scrub - $19.99

This natural, organic, coffee-basd exfoliator is rich in vitamins and natural...

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12 Days of Gift Guide under $25, $50 and $100! - Day 1

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Day 1: For the Workaholic / Busy Bee

2017 is a special year for many and this holiday we are excited to bring you 12 Days of Gifts - a gift guide curated by our team, to personalized each personality type! That’s right - today we’re kicking it off with gifts you can get for the workaholics in your life.

The workaholic are always on-the-go and to make them smile this holiday, treat them with a beauty...

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