5 Hand-Picked Gifts For Dad

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Gifts for certain people in our lives can be so hard. What do you get someone who seemingly has everything? If you’re struggling with gift ideas for dad, we are here for you. Check out these five items we think dad could use this Father’s Day:

1. Tropic Skincare Manmade Collection


A photo posted by Tropic Skincare (@tropicskincare) on October 18, 2016.

This shave lotion and daily moisturizer is the perfect duo. Revamp your dad’s clean up routine with the Tropic Skincare Manmade Collection. Not only are these products non-toxic, but they are also vegan— hooray for no animal testing!

2. Living Nature Soothing Aftershave Gel


A photo posted by Living Nature (@living_nature_store) on June 8, 2016.

 If you want to go over the top and really clean out dad’s morning routine, why not throw in this Living Nature Soothing Aftershave Gel? Made with Active Manuka Honey and Calendula Oil, this is one special treat for the skin!

3. Bartending Glasses


Here in Canada, we recognize summer as the official season of barbeques. Hot weather calls for cool drinks and what better to serve cool drinks than in these bartending glasses? There are glasses for every type of drink, whether your dad likes mojitos or scotch.

4. Tile  


For the dad who is constantly misplacing things, or who simply enjoys tech items, we recommend Tile. Attach this little Tile to keys (or anything dad might not want to lose) and track it on a device! Never again will your loved one worry about missing keys! 

5. Rocky Mountain Soap Company Men’s Soothing Face Cream


A photo posted by Rocky Mountain Soap Company (@rockymoutainsoapco) on March 19, 2016. 

Face lotion is something we can all use and appreciate 365 days of the day, especially when it is formulated with the best natural ingredients. We like the Rocky Mountain Soothing Face Cream and we think your dad will too!

Gifts are great but nothing is better than quality time. Let the main man in your life know that you appreciate and love him every day, regardless of whether is it Father’s Day or not. 

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