5 Perfect Ways to Say I Love You, Mom!

mother's day natural skincare

Remember, we should love and treat our moms kindly all the time, but on Mother’s Day, let’s try to make it an ambitiously good one filled with good health, pampering, beauty, eco-friendliness and of course, love!

1.       Be Active Together

Get some bonding time by working up a sweat together!  Yoga is a perfect way to meditate and develop your strength and flexibility together with your mum.  Think Dirty members enjoy their yoga practices at 889 Yoga, located at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto.  You can conveniently sign up for a variety classes on their website.

2.       Take her out for a healthy meal

Motivate each other to eat healthy.  It shouldn’t be a chore to eat foods that are beneficial to our health and it doesn’t have to be prepared at home either. Think Dirty recommends Kale Eatery, they offer a menu that changes daily with freshest ingredients. Their vegetarian dishes are made 3 ways: steamed, baked or raw.  Eating healthy can also be tasty!  Book a date with your  mum for some chit-chatting time accompanied by good real food.

3.       Eco-Friendly Beauty Gifts

Give your mom a relaxing and soothing pamper right from the comforts of her home. The Health Hut’s Deluxe Beauty Set combines 8 facial essentials that will keep your mum’s skin rejuvenated with a cleanser, a mask and a moisturizer.  

Besides the necessary pampering, keep your mom protected from the sun and the insects for the spring and summer seasons.  The Graydon Outdoor Spray doubles up to keep the skin moisturized in the sun and protected from buzzing insects.

4. Immerse in Nature

The sign of spring is looming with birds chirping and flowers blooming, take your mum out for a stroll at a nearby park and get with nature. There are many outdoor events celebrating Mother’s Day, including the Toronto Zoo celebrating all the wild mothers at the zoo.  Mothers and daughters will have a chance to meet and greet the wild mothers!  The two of you will enjoy the breeze, the sun, the scenic views and most of all, the quality bonding time of mother and daughter.  Disconnect and reconnect with nature in this year’s Mother’s Day.

5. Mother-Daughter Date at a Spa

Unwind at the spa!  It’s relaxing and stress-free, so why not?  Many spas celebrate Mother’s Day with customized packages.  Alma Pure Spa offers the purest products that is safe enough to eat!  So, book a date for two to get pampered!


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