5 Ways to a Clean Cosmetics Product Makeover

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2013 has officially settled in, but don’t get too comfortable!  The best way to welcome it is by looking over your daily skincare regime and doing it a favour. Make 2013 the year to care for your body by actively learning about the daily products you use and their health effects. Think Dirty’s goal is to empower consumers in choosing the right products that are toxic-free and here are some tips that can refresh and rethink on your daily needs:

1. Check for toxins
Go through your hair products and throw out the ones that contain toxins and parabens. With Think Dirty’s iPhone case, and a trash can, because you will definitely need one, conveniently run through the Wannabe Toxic Free checklist of possible dirty ingredients in your products and dispose of the guilty ones that contain the toxic chemicals. You will be in for a surprise as to how many you will be throwing out, but it will be cathartic! Your body will appreciate and thank you!


2. Go fragrance-free!
Products with fragrance gives you a faux sense of luxury and well-being. The reality is that, when “fragrance” is listed as an ingredient, manufacturers are not required to disclose chemicals used in the fragrance. By simply going fragrance-free, you are saving yourself from unknown harmful chemicals. To help you get started, David Suzuki Foundation posted a Dirty Dozen list that informs consumers on the ingredients to avoid. Think Dirty team members often find their source of toxin-free and highly effective items from the Toronto local online store, The Health Hut Boutique. Consider Think Dirty’s favourite 100% natural Rahua shampoo to add protection and nourishment to your damaged hair from the dry, winter air. Most importantly, Rahua’s products are natural and toxin-free.    


One of Think Dirty’s favourites and it’s gluten-free!

3. Throw out expired items.
Products have expiration dates. Look for a Best Before date or expiry date.  There is a shelf life for all products. Think Dirty’s general rule of thumb is if you haven’t touched it in over a year, bid it farewell with the exception to mascara and liquid eyeliner, which should be thrown out after 4 months.  Understand what you use and what you don’t use as well as the estimated shelf life.  If you don’t use it, don’t hoard it. Most of the time, we linger to products and assume we will use them eventually, but we don’t.  Out with the old and dirty, and in with the new and clean!

4. Know what you need.
Simplify your cabinet and keep the essentials. We tend to use many different products when all is required are the basics. Each person’s skincare routine is unique, but make it a goal to simplify.  Once again, don’t be a hoarder!  Invest in the basics by finding your needs. Seek an expert or follow our facebook page to learn about possible allergens. Tip: products listed with the ingredient, formaldehyde, found in nail polish and hair dye, is common to cause allergies. Understand your body and learn about the basic essentials you need to pamper yourself nicely.  

5. DIY: Homemade is in for scrubs and masks. 
Simple and natural skin care remedies enable you to know exactly what you are applying to your skin. Most likely, the ingredients are in your pantry, so take the chance to be experimental and give it a try.  You could be the next big thing in natural skincare!  Many beauty bloggers offer their own recipes in making scrubs and masks such as the Tomato Scrub, which uses only organic sugar and tomatoes. Keep an eye out for Think Dirty’s own step-by-step version of a simple mask that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. We promise it will be easy and all the ingredients required will be in your kitchen!  

Follow these five tips and start the new year right by aligning yourself with the healthy standards you deserve. Think Dirty, Shop Clean and Good Luck!  A word of encouragement?  We’re learning with you!  If you have any recommendations or concerns, share it with us by sending an email to questions@thinkdirtyapp.com.

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