7 Days of Awesome Ladies: Day 4 The Multi-faceted, Lisa Bloom

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Think Dirty loves Lisa Bloom! As a daughter of civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, Lisa was born to fight for justice. She constantly addresses women’s rights through her work as a lawyer, author, TV host, legal analyst and speaker. Bloom even took on the Catholic Church by filing a child sex abuse case. We love Bloom’s book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World and its solid advice – that girls should choose brains over fame. Think Dirty applauds Lisa Bloom for her efforts in empowering women!  

7 Days of Awesome Ladies is co-authored by Think Dirty and Vitamin W.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Bloom

Editors: Robyn Szeto – Think Dirty, Amy Cross – Vitamin W

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