8 Days of Awesome Women: Day Five - Nisha Sarveswaran, Ambience Data

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Do you know the levels of carbon monoxide, ammonia and nitrogen dioxide in the air around you? We didn’t think so.

Nisha Sarveswaran can help you with that. Her company, Ambience Data, founded in 2014 provides accurate and up-to-date data about pollution levels and local air quality. This data can help individuals and municipalities make informed health and environmental decisions. Between running her own company, saving the environment and raising 3 kids, we give props to Nisha and can truly call her a ‘supermom’. Not a lot of people can say their first job was in aerospace, developing flight simulation systems. It is people like Nisha who are making our world a better place by starting with our environment. By bringing awareness to our surroundings and providing a platform to alert us of the air pollutants we are exposed to everyday. Nisha sets a phenomenal example for young women everywhere. She inspires other women to explore careers of their choice, and never let their gender hinder their ambitions.

Get inspired by Nisha’s story.


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