8 Days of Awesome Women: Day Six - Lisa Strong, Aiona Alive

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It takes a whole village to make a movie. It also takes a whole lot of chemicals to touch up the faces of actors and actresses who shine bright on the big screen. Actors wear heavy make-up full of toxins and irritants while on set for extended periods of time. Having spent 18 years as a professional makeup artist, Lisa Strong came face to face with the effects of common toxins on the skin. From cystic acne, eczema, and many other skin issues, her love for makeup artistry inspired her to create and develop a less harmful alternative. Three years and a lot of testing later, she debuted Aiona Alive.

Like a scientist in a movie, she worked tirelessly to find the right formula. We know in the end, she came out on top. There’s no script, crazy plot or villains here; this is Lisa’s reality and there has only been growth.

We asked Lisa some questions, check out her answers below!


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