8 Days of Awesome Women: Day Three - Lauren Wong, Lilly & Lola

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The quickest route is often not as scenic and the scenic route often lacks a clear path, especially if you’re the first to uncover it. In the case of Lauren Wong, CEO of Lilly & Lola, it took working at the other end of the spectrum. Lauren’s position at an oil and gas company helped pave the way to a beautiful journey, in providing hydrating coconut oil skincare products to those suffering with dry skin. Besides the great highs and the rocky lows of the climb, it didn’t take much for Lauren’s product line to become desirable, literally. Lilly & Lola’s simplicity, effectiveness, and above all, natural ingredients are the qualities which made her brand flourish.

Today, Lauren admits that she was “as far as possible from where [she] ended up”. After all, one’s success could be measured by distance travelled not destination. Lauren’s first step was seizing her deep compassion for individuals suffering from dry skin. Lauren understood the constant struggle of moisturizing 3-4 times daily. It drove the desire within her to continuously research an effective solution. Finally, that solution was made available to those in need of ultra hydration, creating a spot for Lilly & Lola to take part in the innovative movement for clean beauty.

Lauren, like many admirable achievers, did not have a clear cut path in place when turning her passion into meaningful work. Crunching numbers for an oil and gas company had its way of redirecting Lauren towards the art of launching and growing brands, and eventually to clean beauty. With vision and perseverance, Lilly & Lola developed from an idea into an extraordinary movement. As Lauren puts it, the most fundamental step for a woman in starting her path to success, is embodying the confidence to do so, at least until she makes it!

Read below to learn more about how this admirable achiever adjusted the sails to reach her destination.


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