A Closer Look at the Ekhambee Apple Cider Vinegar Mud Mask: Our Review

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If you’re someone who struggles with dull or discoloured skin, the Apple Cider Vinegar Mud Mask from Ekhambee could be a good solution to your skin problems! EKHAMBEE was founded to offer consumers an alternative that doesn’t involve using toxic chemicals in skin care products and to offer black women and women of colour a solution to their skincare needs. Their products are made with natural ingredients and are inspired by ancient African traditions. This mask uses all-natural ingredients such as rhassoul clay, apple cider vinegar, black seed oil, and aloe vera extract.

Some benefits of using the mask:
-shrinks pore appearance
-rejuvenates for softer skin
-helps with discoloration
-reduces dark spots
-protects skin

My initial impression of the mask was that it smelled really good like fresh grapefruit! The colour of the mask is quite striking. It’s a gorgeous red/brown colour, which is unique to other masks that I’ve tried before.

How to use it:
Step 1) Clean your face
Step 2) Apply a thin layer of the mask on your skin (do not put it near your eyes)
Step 3) Wait until the mask dries
Step 4) Rinse with warm water

You can watch the full process of doing this face mask on our TikTok here.

Overall, this made my skin feel refreshed and clean! The mask dried fairly quickly, so it was very time efficient to use if you’re someone who is on a tight schedule. I would recommend this if you’re looking for a clarifying mask that is not too overdrying on your skin. I will definitely be using this in my self-care routine! Probably once a week when I feel like my skin needs some extra love.

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