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RMS Beauty founder, Rose Marie Swift

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With award-winning products sold in over 12 countries, Think Dirty sat down with the founder of RMS, Rose Marie Swift,  to chat about her non-toxic beauty products and the inspiration behind the company.  We got into some fun by getting a consultation on the perfect make-up for our skin!  Read on for our exclusive Q+A session with the celebrity make-up artist.  

We’re curious to know  - what does RMS stand for?

RMS represents my name, Rose Marie Swift.

There are so many beauty products and it’s hard to choose with the many selections out there on shelves.  What makes RMS beauty products different than other cosmetics?

At RMS, we support natural beauty.  Not only are our ingredients organic, but they also have a healing element that enhances the skin.

Which RMS products are the best sellers that keeps customers returning for more?

The “un” cover-up concealer and living luminizer are very popular.  The “un” cover-up is formulated to reveal and enhance the skin, unlike the general cover-ups in the market that dry the skin.  The living luminizer naturally creates a sheer, healthy, glowing, younger skin.  RMS products are sold in over 12 countries including top cities like New York and London, and online at

Think Dirty members would love to know if your products are certified organic?

The ingredients used in the RMS products are certified organic and sourced from the highest quality ensuring they are non-toxic and used at their natural state to heal and nourish.  

As a celebrity make-up artist, you probably used many different brands.  What inspired you to take on the mission to create your own non-toxic beauty brand?

I became sick using all cosmetics.  I started getting panic attacks and ended up with a weak immune system and through many lab tests, it turned out the cosmetics were the cause of my sickness. There were high toxic levels of metal and chemicals in body due to make-up and skincare products.  However, my love for make-up did not wane and I took the initiative to learn more and to educate others about my experience.

For more details on Rose Marie Swift’s inspiration, read her blog:

For more information on the products, email

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