Bonus! 8 Days of Awesome Women: Jane Wang, Optimity

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While most kids dreamt of becoming astronauts, teachers, or firefighters, Jane Wang knew she wanted to cure cancer. Every so often, there will be a child who will have the beautiful ability to understand emotional complexity and chaos. A blessing or a weight, either way it meant Jane was destined to make a difference. Today, we are living in a fast and rapidly changing world. People are working 12 hour days, juggling tasks, and forgetting to take care of their health.

Jane founded Optimity, a program that works with employees across all industries to exercise better, rest more, and live active healthy lifestyles. Optimity is a digital solution, modernizing the way people take care of themselves. The mobile app provides a platform that allows users to learn about their overall wellness, in order to discover and do activities that integrate into their individual work schedule. Optimity makes people better than their excuses.

The mobile app which is used by individuals drop unhealthy habits, is used by Jane just as much! When she’s not busy running her own company, she teaches strategy courses and runs killer fashion shows to raise money for Leukaemia research. Today, with her passion for disease prevention and the impact she’s made with her team at Optimity, Jane gets closer to her childhood dream everyday.

Read more about Jane’s inspirational drive below:


Today, we celebrate all women from every walk of life. We celebrate their journey, their struggles, and their joy! As a community of individuals who hold the same qualities, we make an impact everyday on our surrounding environments. Our empathetic yet ambitious nature, and humble approach to our remarkable achievements is beautiful and has made a mark in history, earning its own celebration! But on the other 364 days of the year, women around the world still work hard to break boundaries and create new opportunities through awareness, action, and influence. No longer do we hope for change, we make it happen. We conclude our countdown with a beautiful quote by Maya Angelou ”I am women phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me”.

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