Clean Beauty on a Budget: Discovering Affordable Natural Beauty Products

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When most people hear about clean beauty, products that are sustainable for the planet and don’t impact our health in a negative way, they often think “dollar signs!” But in reality, that’s not always the case. Green beauty products can range in price, from affordable to luxury.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the common misconception that clean beauty has to be expensive. We’ll introduce you to some affordable clean brands listed on the Think Dirty App, and share tips for incorporating DIY clean beauty solutions into your everyday routine.

Dispelling the Myth that All Clean Beauty is Expensive

Along with high-end, luxury clean beauty brands, there are a ton of affordable options that can even be found at your local drugstore or department store. And just because they don’t come with a scary price tag, doesn’t mean they are any less sustainable or gentle on your skin and hormones. The best way to source affordable clean beauty brands is by doing your research. By exploring the Think Dirty App, you’ll learn what ingredients to avoid and be able to view suggestions for sustainable beauty products that won’t break your budget.

Affordable Clean Beauty Brands Listed on ThinkDirty

Burt’s Bees: This popular, well-known brand has been offering natural personal care products, most notably lip balms and glosses, for decades. After reaching success with lip balms and bath products, the eco-conscious company expanded into makeup, adding blushes, powders, mascaras, and more to its roster. Everything within Burt’s Bees collection is natural and certainly affordable.

Pacifica: Known for their cruelty-free products, Pacifica is a favourite among vegans and those who want to follow a clean beauty routine without having to break the bank. In addition to fragrances, Pacifica also offers face washes, lotions, eye shadows, mascaras, and other products you’d need to get ready in the morning.

Babo Botanicals: This brand boasts plant-based skincare for the whole family, offering a wide range of affordable skin and hair care products. Its products are affordable and everything is made from natural ingredients, making it gentle for use on sensitive skin.

Alaffia: You can feel good about purchasing Alaffia products as the brand supports several community empowerment projects in Africa, and uses fair-trade ingredients in all of its products. Alaffia provides high-quality, affordable skin and hair care products like body lotions, bubble baths for kids, curl creams, facial scrubs, and deep-conditioning hair masks.

Acure: This budget-friendly brand offers 100 percent vegan products that deliver results in an eco-conscious way. Acure has a wide selection of natural, plant-based products like shampoos and conditioners, day and night creams for the face, acne treatments, facial scrubs, and more.

DIY Clean Beauty Solutions

Another great way to save money on beauty products is to learn how to create your own at home. ThinkDirty has a collection of do-it-yourself (DIY) blog posts that are filled with tips and recipes on how to make your own natural, gentle skincare and cosmetic products with ingredients you might already have sitting in your pantry. For example, DIY Rosemary Water can be easily made at home and can promote hair growth, similar to chemical-based treatments like Rogaine (minoxidil).

If you’re eager for a little bit of pampering, you can try the DIY Avocado Mask or Lemon Honey Mask to hydrate your skin, reduce any redness, and give your complexion a dewy glow. Some of the face masks found at drugstores may contain harmful chemicals like parabens, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and more.


It’s important to remember that effective skincare products don’t need to have a massive ingredient to be effective. Clean beauty on a budget is not a myth, but more so an attainable goal for anyone willing to put in the effort to research and explore what options are out there. By choosing affordable, clean brands that are listed on the Think Dirty App, along with experimenting with DIY beauty solutions, you can discover non-toxic products without spending all of your savings. After you’ve revamped your beauty regimen, you’ll be well on your way to living a healthier, greener lifestyle.

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