Clean non-toxic products to get you in the mood, for you and your Valentine!

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Think Dirty products to get you in the mood

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and all we see is red and pink everywhere.  Everyone is glamming up for Cupid’s big day and for that special someone.  Think Dirty members have a list of fave products that will make you fall in love without feeling guilty this Valentine’s Day:

Vapour Organic – Blush

Give your cheeks a healthy glow in no time by adding Vapour Organics’ Aura-Multi Use Blush.  With 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% minerals and pigments, it will give you the flush of pink without the chemicals!


Deep Steep Bubble Bath

Create a mini paradise right in the comforts of your bathroom!  With a touch of Vitamin C, it can stimulate collagen growth and strengthen skin cells, all by giving you and your loved one a soak in the tub!  With 5 scents to choose from, we recommend the Lavender~ Chamomile to calm the pulse for the romantic night. This product is tested by Think Dirty staff and it’s super awesome and relaxing.


Bite Beauty lipstick

Leave a lasting and tasteful kiss with Bite Beauty’s Matte Crème Lipstick.  With their ‘good enough to eat’ mantra, the lipstick’s hydrating formula uses food-grade ingredients that are safe to pucker and kiss without any toxins being absorbed into our bodies. 


Enjoy Valentine’s Day!  Spread the love by loving your body first!

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