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1) Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 (rated 10)  vs. 100% Pure Everywhere SPF 30 Sunstick (rated 0)

Finally, its time to bring out your summer dresses, go for a stroll through the city, and have a picnic at your favorite park. Protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays throughout the day with 100% Pure’s Everywhere SPF 30 Sunstick. Get rid of your 10-rated Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen lotion and free your skin from harmful chemical sunscreen ingredients this season.


2) Caudalie Divine Oil (rated 10) vs. Cocovit Coconut Oil (rated 0)

We love multi-purpose products here at Think Dirty. Whether your hair has become weak from bleaching it year-round or your skin has become dry and lost elasticity overtime, Cocovit’s Coconut Oil is the solution for you.  Switch over from Caudalie’s Divine Oil (rated 10) to this extra nourishing, reparative and multipurpose Coconut Oil (rated 0) today.


3) Dr Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Firming Serum (rated 9) vs. Erin’s Face Firming Serum (rated 0)

As we get older, our skin looses elasticity and firmness. On our hunt to find a clean product that would address exactly that concern, we found Erin’s Face Firming Serum  (rated 0).  It’s antioxidant rich and vitamin infused formula, makes tossing away Dr Dennis Gross’s Hydra-Pure Firming Serum (rated 9) a no brainer!


4) Olay Prox Wrinkle Eye Cream (rated 9) vs Vered Botanicals Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment (rated 1)

Constant exposure to sun this summer could accelerate the signs of aging around your delicate eye area. Prevent those fine lines from appearing with Vered Organic Botanicals’ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment (rated 1) and accelerate your progress towards clean products by getting rid of your Olay Prox Wrinkle Eye Cream (rated 9).


5) Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil (rated 9) vs. Olie Biologique 100% USDA certified Organic Agran Oil (rated 0)

Addicted to Argan Oil? So are we!  We love mixing Olie Biologique’s Organic Argan Oil with our foundation to create a radiant natural look this summer. Get your hydration and glow by replacing your rated 9 Seaberry Moisturizing Oil with Olie Biologique’s rated 0 multipurpose Argan Oil.


6) The Body Shop’s Satsuma Beautifying Oil (rated 9) vs. Kahina Giving Beauty Essaouira Body Serum (rated 1)

We all know maintaining a tan can be challenging; but the trick is to keep your skin moisturized, so that beautiful sun-kissed glow you so worked hard on does not flake off. Here at Think Dirty, we love Kahina Giving Beauty for their Essaouira Body Serum that helps replenish and restore dry skin. Switch over from The Body Shop’s Satsuma Beautifying Oil (rated 9) to the wonderful Kahina Essaouira Body Serum (rated 1) today and continue living clean.


7) Benefit Sun Beam Highlighter (rated 8) vs. Ilia Cosmic Dancer Luminizer (rated 3)

Do you ever wonder how JLO gets that luminous glowing skin? Complement your tanned skin this summer by putting Ilia Cosmic Dancer Luminizer on your cheekbones and anywhere light naturally hits. This rated-3 highlighter will make you feel and look red carpet ready by giving you a golden hue and a dewy glow. Make your transition to cleaner products by replacing your Benefit Sun Beam Highlighter (rated 8) with this amazing product that we cannot get enough of.


8) Rimmel Natural Bronzer (rated 10) vs W3ll People Bio Bronzer Stick (rated 3)

Your 9-5 job and busy weekends preventing you from taking advantage of sun hours? Thanks to W3ll People’s Bio Bronzer stick (rated 3), you can achieve a perfect healthy tan even with your hectic schedule. This conveniently packaged product is great for anyone on the go and makes a great replacement for your Rimmel Natural Bronzer (rated 10).

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