Force of Nature Clean: A Think Dirty Review

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We tried the Force of Nature Clean Multi-Purpose device that uses electricity to turn water, salt, and vinegar into a multi-purpose cleaner! In this article, we will explain exactly how to use this cleaning product and tell you our thoughts on the entire process.

Some facts about the product:

· No toxic chemicals

· Kid and pet friendly

· Kills 99.9% of germs

· Deodorizes, disinfects, cleans, and sanitizes

· Solution is good to use for up to 2 weeks

Steps to use:

1. Fill the bottle with cool tap water (do not pass the line)

2. Plug the power cord into the electrolyzer and into the outlet

3. Add the capsule into the electrolyzer

4. Wait 10 seconds

5. Press the power button

6. The light will be blue, and you must wait until it turns green

7. In 9 minutes, the ring light should be completely green

8. Unplug the electrolyzer and pour the water into your spray bottle

9. Make sure to rinse your electrolier with water before plugging in

What do the color lights mean?

Blue: Your cleanser is being made

Green: Your cleaner is ready

Yellow: Your cleaner has 2 days left

Half red: The water has not been properly filled with water or a capsule

Red: The cleaner is not ready or has expired

You can watch the process on our social media here.


This is a great solution for cleaning your countertops and washroom needs. I particularly enjoyed the light for letting me know exactly when the solution was ready to use! The smell kind of reminds me of the volcano that I build in science class probably because of the vinegar. Also, this is great if you want to be more plastic conscious as you are not having to constantly buy and throw away cleaning bottles! I would definitely recommend this product to you if you want to stop constantly buying cleaning sprays at the store and would prefer to use a reusable bottle. You can use code ‘THINKDIRTY30’ for 30% off kits and bundles + free shipping.

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