Happy Father’s Day with a dose of goodness!

father's day outdoors

Similar to our message from Mother’s Day,  we should love and treat our papas kindly all the time!  But, from time to time, we can give a dose of extra, extra loving with some good, nurturing gifts!

1. The Gift of Protection

Protection from the sun is important with summer in full gear! We suggest Consonant Body’s The Perfect Sunscreen as a lovely gesture for your Dad to cover-up with SPF before heading for outdoor fun!  100% natural, non-greasy and fragrance-free are 3 perfect combinations that all Dads love!  

2. Explore the Arts

Check out the Luminato Festival - an arts festival with outlets in different parts of Toronto that are brought together to celebrate creativity. Starting on June 14th until the 23rd, there are paid events and free events!  Spend the day with dad and check out the creative exhibits together!

3. Take Him Out to the Ball Game

Everyone loves a good ball game, filled with food, beer and home runs!  Bond over a game, and share the anticipation with the crowd. The Toronto Blue Jays are playing quite often, so check out their schedule to see when is good for Father’s Day cheer!

4. Enjoy a Picnic

Find a nice spot under the shade at a nearby park to enjoy the breeze, the sunshine and the food with the company of your dad. This idea will be a great way to bond over good food and enjoy the summer air.  There are many parks in the GTA.  Find one nearby, and whip up some of your dad’s favourite foods!

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