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There are a huge number of health and beauty products on the market, so it can be hard to find clean products that fit your needs.

This is why we’ve ensured the Think Dirty App features an easy-to-use Sorting and filtering system that allows you to search for products with clean ingredients in just a few taps!

To help you get the best from your Think Dirty App experience, here’s a quick guide on how to Sort and filter products:

What is Sort & Filter on the Think Dirty App?

The Think Dirty App’s Sort & Filter feature lets you quickly narrow down your search for clean and healthy products. It allows you to sort products according to their overall rating and verification status!

If you want more information on exactly how this handy feature works, you can check out our TikTok video that explains it in more detail.

Why you need this feature

Being able to sort and filter products on the Think Dirty App makes it easier to find products as you can specify your search criteria by applying filters such as verified products, clean products, etc., or by sorting from low to high-rated products or high to low rated products.

It also makes it easier to compare products side-by-side to ensure you’re getting the best deal for a product that’s within your clean criteria.

It saves you time, as you no longer have to scroll through hundreds of products and read the ingredients on each one before choosing the right product for you.

Finally, it makes it easier for you to stay organized and have a better overview of which products are clean and good for you.

Step-by-step guide: How to use the Sort & Filter feature

Using the sort and filter on the Think Dirty App is remarkably easy.

To make it even simpler, we’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps:

Step one: Download the Think Dirty App

The first step is downloading the Think Dirty App from Google Play or App Store. Once you have it installed, you only need to open it up and log in.

Step Two: Search for a keyword

Once you’ve installed the Think Dirty App, you can search for the product or keyword you’re looking for in the search bar. For example, if you’re interested in shampoo, you can type in ‘shampoo.’

You can download the Think Dirty App here

Step Three: Click ‘Sort & Filter’ at the top right

Once you’ve found a list of products, tap on the Sort & Filter icon at the top right corner. This will bring up a menu with various options for Sorting and filtering your product results.

Step Four: Select your Sorting & Filtering preferences

From the menu, you can select your preferred sorting (e.g. by rating) and filtering option (e.g. organic ingredients). You’ll then see a list of products sorted or filtered according to your criteria.

Browse the results and find the perfect product for you. You can read more about each product by tapping on it to ensure it contains ingredients within your clean criteria.

To access this feature, be sure you are a Premium member of the App

Think Dirty!

That’s all there is to it! With just a few taps, you’ll have found an array of products that meet your standards and preferences.

The ability to filter products, and more importantly, clean products, is key to Think Dirty’s mission to empower and educate people to decide on which cosmetics and personal care products they use.

So, the next time you’re shopping for health and beauty products, make sure you open up the Think Dirty App and try out the premium version to take full advantage of its sorting & filtering feature!

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