Monthly Horoscope And Recommended Products For: Libra

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Take a deep breath, Libra. After beginning the year with an assessment of your goals and hopes for 2022, you can now chill out and have fun with your hard-earned dollars. Thinking about a vacation, perhaps, or broadening your mind by studying a subject that’s piqued your interest?

Your creativity is at a high, and you’ll want to live up to your goals by being a living, breathing, singing, and dancing incarnation of them rather than merely daydreaming about them.

By the time Venus, the planet of love and beauty meets up with your sign at the end of September, you should be feeling right at home in your own skin. Your focus will be on your relationships but don’t neglect your own needs. That’s why it’s key, to be honest with everyone, including yourself.

Hang onto your usual good humour and grace, Libra, as you simplify your life. You’ll be surprised at how easily your path opens up to you. When you refuse to accept anything but the best, the best is what you’ll get.

Clean Beauty and Skincare Products Just Right For Libras

To get you started, we’ve got the best clean beauty and skincare products to help you meet your self-care needs, Libra:

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Meet your new multipurpose makeup partner: Beauty Booster Sheer Foundation. You’re going to love it because it provides a light, silky coverage, hydration, and sun protection in 11 shades. It’s a daily makeup must-have, really, made with resveratrol and Aztec marigold extract, two antioxidants that protect your skin, and hydrating aloe vera and plant glycerin. And did we mention it provides a dewy finish that lasts all day?

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Diminish the appearance of fine lines, and brighten your skin, with the colourless and translucent Talc Free Multi Task Loose Powder. It’s all you need for a shine-free complexion, or as a primer under your powder makeup. Apply it with a light touch, because that’s all you’ll need! Made with organic tapioca, sesame seed oil, and lemongrass oil, you can also use it as a setting or finishing powder.

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Refresh your skin and keep oil at bay with Charcoal Clay Cleanser, featuring skin-purging clay, detoxifying bamboo charcoal, and pore-minimizing activated charcoal. The cleanser washes away makeup and other impurities without dehydrating your skin. Watch your skin get invigorated with skin-brightening antibacterial essential oils of spearmint, lemongrass and lemon water to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

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When you apply a silky serum such as The Face Serum to your skin, it will quickly lap up its concentrated blend of 26 nutrient-dense botanicals to tone, hydrate, replenish and rejuvenate your complexion. Feel that firm and supple skin? That’s down to a date fruit extract infusion (an antioxidant), apricot kernel oil, plum seed oil, rose flower oil, and bakuchiol.

The Outlook For Libra

Remember, Libra, take care of your own needs, too. As for your Libra-centric skincare essentials, you can be at ease with all your must-have natural-ingredient products being featured in this article. And they feel and smell ah-mazing.

Nothing says self-care like using products that won’t expose you to toxins or other nasties. Now, start shopping for them — we know you want to!

For more clean beauty and skincare products, go to Think Dirty Clean Beautique.

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