More than a few of our favourite things: 12 Days of Gifts - Day 11

12 days of gifts pet parent think dirty

Day 11: The Pet Parent


As we have a few dog moms on our Think Dirty team, we know exactly what other pet parents want. We’ve got gift ideas that a pet parent and their four-legged friend will appreciate.

$25 and under:

Collar Baller Luxury Dog Treats - $15

The phrase “my dog ate My Homework” is no longer just an excuse for your teacher with Collar Baller Luxury Dog Treats. These luxury dog treats are made with all-natural ingredients and a whole lot of love.

$50 and under:

Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker Jacket - $39.50

Get a dog in your life winter ready with a Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker Jacket. A stylish, yet easy to clean gift that any pet parent would love.

$100 and under:

Pet House Tent - $70

This pet house tent makes a great piece of decor for the pet parent, and a cozy home for their furry friend. Everyone wins!

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