More than a few of our favourite things: 12 Days of Gifts - Day 2

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Day 2: The Cool Yogi

Whether they are hitting the studio at 6 am or right after work, you admire the cool yogi for their dedication to yoga and their calm, collected ways.

$25 and under: 

Rumi X Yoga Headband - $10.00
Great as a stocking stuffer or paired with a reusable water bottle, this Rumi x Feel Good Headband is a gift your stylish yogi can appreciate.

$50 and under:

Natural Shape Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp - 32.99
A gift your spiritual friend may enjoy is this hand crafted Natural Shape Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp. Not only a unique piece of decor, this lamp has many health benefits as well including improved mood and reducing fatigue.

$150 and under: 

Saje Essential Oil Diffuser - $125.95
Like the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp, essential oil diffusers are known to release negative ions in the air, which can help boost your well-being. This oil diffuser also purifies the air and can be used as a humidifier.

Stay tuned for more gift ideas in the next 11 days!

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