More than a few of our favourite things: 12 Days of Gifts - Day 4

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Day 4: The Outdoorsy Type


The outdoorsy type can be defined as the expert hiker, camping enthusiast, or anyone who just loves to be outside. Nothing excites them like being in the great outdoors, and they never stop talking about the breathtaking views they once saw. Then you think, what can I gift this person that can top that?  

$25 and under:

Erins Faces Mineral SPF 32 for Body - $20

Let the outdoorsy one in your life know that you are thinking about their sun safety by gifting them Erins Faces Mineral SPF 32 for Body. If you want more ideas for clean and non-toxic sun protection, check out our #TryThisInstead SPF/ Tanning Edition!

$50 and under:

Living Nature Soothing Aftershave Gel - $30

When your outdoorsy friend gets back from their week-long camping trip, you may have noticed the extra facial hair that has accumulated. This gift mostly applies to the outdoorsy men in your life who may appreciate the feel of clean, soothed and freshly shaved face.

$100 and under:

HoMedics Sound Soother - $69.99

When your giftee is missing the sounds of nature, they can easily access the sound of crashing waves with the HoMedics Sound Soother. It’s also portable and great for anyone looking to improve their sleep— who wouldn’t love the gift of a good night’s sleep?

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