Self-tanning Goes Luxe and Clean!

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With the dog days of summer coming to a close, we’ve been hunting for a way to keep the sun’s rays still fresh on our skin as we move into the colder months. The idea of self-tanner may be daunting – we’ve all heard the orange, streaky horror storie, and the chemicals in those products? Not a chance! Enter Vita Libereta. The Think Dirty approved selfless tanning line leaves you with dreamy, sun-kissed skin minus the chemicals!


Texture & Application

The light mousse is easy to apply – it comes with an applicator mitt to make the quick-foaming solution foolproof and allows for easy, seamless application. The quick-dry formula makes for 0 dry time so you can hop right back in your clothes. An added bonus – the smell is fresh – no chemicals here!

Colour & Performance

As soon as it touches your skin, the mousse immediately works to blend in with your natural skin color to create a natural-looking glow.  My very fair skin was brought to a natural-looking gold that had my friends wondering what tropical destination I flew off to. The staying power of this formula is applause worthy – unlike many self-tanners it still kept skin naturally sun-kissed for weeks after application, and faded as organically as a real tan would.

Overall, say goodbye to a tanning booth’s dangerous rays - Vita Liberata will leave your skin with a moisture-locked warm glow for weeks! Also check out their sister brand NKN SKN’s equally legendarily awesome tanning products.

For best results check out their handy how-to guide.


Even Better News! Try them via our Mid-Summer Beauty Box with this promo code: VITALOVE10 and receive 10% Off till end of August. 


Shop also at their online store with promo code THINKDIRTY20

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