September Partner Spotlight: Silk Therapeutics

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Founded by two experts who bring decades of research and industry experience in silk-based products, Silk Therapeutics is the only company that makes activated liquid silk, the key ingredient in it’s skin care line.

Why pure activated silk?

Silk Therapeutics’ patented process of liquefying silk creates pure activated liquid silk that delivers clinical-level results. Silk is great for it’s anti-aging properties, as well as protecting other active ingredients. Silk Therapeutics believes in minimalism— the company uses minimal, but highly-concentrated ingredients. You won’t find useless fillers or harmful preservatives in this skin care line. All products are formulated with a definitive purpose of enhancing skin. For more information, visit Silk Therapeutics website.

Not sure which product to try first? How about Silk Therapeutic Purely Radiant Daily Hydrating Serum? This serum is made with 9 potent and effective ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (HA), activated liquid silk and vitamin B, the skin-quenching component that will leave you feeling luminous and refreshed. Add Silk Therapeutic Purely Radiant Daily Hydrating Serum to your skin care line up and experience brighter skin while you address the first signs of aging.

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