Summer Essential Series: A Simplistic Skincare Routine

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Show your skin the love it needs this summer by bringing your skincare routine back to the basics. Once you remove your make up, consider following these 5 steps for healthy, happy skin.

1. Cleanser

Why? Remove substances such as debris, oil and makeup that clog pores. It is important to start with a clean face so that your skin can benefit from the products your putting on it.

We Recommend: Silk Therapeutics — Refresh Facial Cleanser

This double action cleanser cleans skin without removing the essential natural oils. It’s great for all skin types and only has nine ingredients.

Find Silk Therapeutics Refresh Facial Cleanser Here.

2. Toner

Why? To add skin-replenishing ingredients back into the skin. Toner is responsible for hydrating, refreshing and rebalancing the skin after cleansing. This is also an important step for removing any final traces of make up.

We Recommend: La Mav Organic Skin Science — Purifying Toner

Designed to refine pores and help maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. This product is infused with White Tea and Bilberry Extract for clean, smooth skin.

Check out La Mav Organic Skin Science’s Purifying Toner.

3. Exfoliant

Why? Exfoliating 2x per week helps to remove build up of dead skin for a brighter, smoother complexion. Exfoliants can be chemical in which dead skin cells and dirt are dissolved with AHAs and BHAs. It can also be done physically, by scrubbing away dead skin cells with sugar, coffee or oatmeal based scrubs.

We Recommend: Trufora — Triple Action Exfoliator

This product formula includes AHAs and BHAs that work in combination with an organic bamboo physical exfoliant. It exfoliates and treats the skin deeply while still being gentle.

Learn more about Trufora’s Triple Action Exfoliator.

4. Serum

Acne Serum — Why? Reduce inflammation and appearance of current breakouts and prevent future ones.

We Recommend: Erin’s Faces — Clarifying Serum

Designed for normal, oily and combination problematic skin types. This acne treatment serum contains organic aloe, antioxidants and tea tree oil to calm skin.

Try Erin’s Faces Clarifying Serum.

Nutrient Boosting Serum — Why? Soften signs of aging, dark spots, discolouration and repair skin.

We Recommend: Tropic Skincare — Super Greens

Healthy greens boost your skin’s natural defences and nutrient levels. This lightweight formula contains green coffee and tamanu oils to help accelerate skin repair.

Find more information about Tropic Skincare’s Super Greens Serum.

5. Moisturizer

Why? Hydrate skin and lock in moisture. Daily use improves skin and helps to keep it looking smooth and plump.

We Recommend: Jusu Body — Face Cream

This face moisturizer is available for normal, oily, and dry skin types. Works to support elasticity and soften skin to leave it looking radiant.

Check out Jusu Body’s Face Cream in Green Tea Rose, Coconut Lime, Vanilla Jasmine & Neroli Primrose.

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