Support Earth Hour with Non-Toxic Candlelights.

earthhour soy candles

This year is the 9th year of Earth Hour since it first started in 2004 in Sydney, Australia. Every March since then, the world get serious about climate change by switching off. With the lights out, many participants will be lighting their candles at home to bring them warmth and lighting, did you know candles sold in the market are made from paraffin wax and lead, which is a petroleum and is toxic ingredient. By lighting the candles indoors, we are breathing in the toxic chemicals. This year, try soy-wax based candle instead. It is much safer than the conventional paraffin wax candles. Think Dirty team loves Pacifica Soy Candles, a clean and natural soy wax that’s good for your health and environment, which will bring even more meaning and action to the hour-long event for climate change. Our favourite scent is Mango-Grapefruit. Tonight, pick up some lead-free candles and unplug for the hour or more, light a candle and engage in some fun over board games, drinks or just relax! At same time don’t forget think about what actions will you take for climate change this year. Have a safe and happy Earth Hour!

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