temporaryorbit: Waves filled with trash. And it’s getting worse...

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Waves filled with trash. 

And it’s getting worse 

and worse.

Trash wave, Indonesia. 


“Awareness” can only go so far. What is needed are simple route to action.

So, Here’s an idea from TM™

Viewers should be able to roll over each product in each of these images of trash in nature.

There, they can find a brand, a manufacturer, etc;

then they can click-to-send a demand for sustainable packaging options.

And they can share it across social media.

List out the worst offenders, and attempt to track it all back.

Do it for all photos, in the pacific garbage patch, etc. 

It’s simple way to activate these photos. If you have the resources and the reach, contact me and I’ll give a free consultation/ blueprint on how to get it done. 

Less talk. More action.


We should also ban the microbead.

All those facial scrubs with ‘Microbead’ cleansers? Just tiny bits of plastic companies put into their products – allowed to wash down drains into the ocean to mess with ecosystems.

Guess they were hoping you wouldn’t notice:

‘Polyethylene’ is just another word for plastic.


[ Plastic bird from NPR story on Chris Jordan’s photography work ]

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