Think Dirty’s Guide to Reopening

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As our not great summer of 2020 comes to a close, many of us are facing new challenges and tough decisions this fall. For those lucky enough to be given a choice, many are struggling to decide whether or not to return to their workplace or send their children back to school. There are a lot of considerations in making these decisions to step back into spaces where the very real threat of coronavirus still looms.

As the government reopens the economy and schools nationwide require students to return to in-person classes, many employees face losing their jobs if they refuse to go back to work, and students are given no choice.

If you are left with no option other than to return to work and potentially put yourself at risk doing so, know that you’re not alone. For better or for worse (it’s for worse), it looks as though around 55% of employees will return to their workplaces this fall.

We know that pretty much everyone is going through an extremely stressful time in their lives for one reason or another. We want to do what we can to help in our own clean beauty way because that’s what we know best.

Be prepared:


Stock up on masks that you don’t hate! Efficacy comes first, but comfort and aesthetics are still key for helping you feel your best. Having several masks you like will also make you more likely to wear them! We like these basic cotton ones (they have 2 layers and a filter pocket).

Hand Sanitizers

Unfortunately still a very necessary defense, especially when you’re not near soap and water. Whichever sanitizer you are using, make sure it follows the guidelines of at least 60% alcohol. Also, be careful to use a reputable brand that is known to be safe. During this time, the market has been flooded with new hand sanitizers that have been found to be contaminated and have been recalled.

Hand/Body Cream

You really can’t go without hand cream these days, especially with the colder air coming just around the corner.

Less necessary, still important

Every blog will likely tell you to practice “self-care” with some face masks and scented candles, and to be fair, it can be helpful. Taking care of your skin and body can help to restore a sense of control and provides time that is devoted entirely to yourself. This is time you can use to sort through your thoughts and emotions or just let your brain take a necessary breather. However, everyone is different and takes comfort in different routines and rituals. Find what makes you feel the most relaxed, and don’t let anyone self-care shame you.

We teamed up with our friends at 100% Pure to create a discounted bundle packed with everything you need, so you don’t need to worry about running extra errands. Get 2 types of hand sanitizers, a cleaning spray, a calming aromatherapy oil, and a body cream.

Province Apothecary Calm Down Wellness Roll On ($32)

Keep your mental health in mind. Earlier in the year, we posted a series on our blog about the different ways in which the Think Dirty team members were dealing with self-isolation and the at-home activities we were filling our unplanned extra time. If you’re still adjusting to new routines and ways of being, you may find it helpful to adopt new activities or hobbies to distract and fill your time with healthier coping mechanisms. These articles are linked below.

And if you or someone in your family is feeling sick, get tested.

Not sure where to get tested?

U.S.: Enter your city or zip code into this website for a list of the testing centers near you, alongside information about whether the test site takes walk-ins, has antibody testing, and more.

Canada: Click your province to find a testing center or information on steps to take.

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From the Think Dirty team, we wish you a happy and healthy fall.

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