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The exciting thing about getting ready for a Halloween Party is putting on makeup and watching your face transform into your chosen character. The worst thing is taking the makeup off before crawling into bed after a long night. In this post, we share the top dos and don’ts of Halloween makeup, and suggest beauty products to achieve your look.

What to do differently this Halloween (Dos!)

DO: Try cosmetic mixology the right way

Halloween is all about using makeup to achieve any color combination you want. With YouTube beauty tutorials to guide you and a bit of practice, you will be able to blow your mirror reflection a chef’s kiss. On the other hand, getting your combinations wrong or going overboard to hold the colors in place can be a pain. Make sure you choose products correctly and understand the effects (look and function) of combining them.

Our Tip: Lipstick + Lip balm

Apply two or more lipstick shades next to each other on the back of your palm. Blend together with the Poppy Cheek and Lip Tint from Mad Hippie. The tint helps the shades blend better and prevents the lipstick from drying out without toning down the color.

DO: Prep with a primer

A good primer is an essential base for all other makeup. It helps your foundation go on smoothly and keeps your Halloween look on longer. To make your primer application even, apply a moisturizer before you begin priming. Wait for the primer to absorb before you put on foundation.

Our Tip: Try Fitglow Beauty Vita Active Foundation containing clinically proven superfoods and essential vitamins.

DO: Make your look last longer

While a bleeding lipstick may go nicely with the spirit of Halloween, you want your makeup to last all night. A primer does a good job of preventing makeup from fading, but you can go the extra mile with these tips:

There are many ways to enhance your Halloween look without buying products you’ll use just for the night. Here’s some food for thought!

What not to do this Halloween (Don’ts!)

DON’T: Buy a Halloween makeup kit

The fake blood may beckon but the face paint in the typical Halloween makeup kit does no favors for your skin. In fact, any face or body paint prevents your skin from breathing. Many also contain chemicals that can cause breakouts, skin irritation and redness. Don’t even think about using face paint if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

DON’T: Try a new look without practicing it first

Found a creative Halloween makeup idea online? Try it on a weekend before Halloween to understand whether you can pull off the look or you will likely end up on a makeup fails list. Make sure you have the right cosmetics to use or blend. This is a good time as any to consider organic makeup that you can use liberally for costume parties without worrying about health effects.

DON’T: Be afraid to enhance your look!

Every Halloween is an opportunity to try something new. If you’re planning to go all out, why not let your makeup do the talking? Here are our tips:

  • Graphic eyeliner and a pastel shade to make your eyes pop
  • Add glitter to your look
  • Consider an all-black look
  • Hop on the faux-freckles trend
  • Amplify the glow of your highlighter with a setting spray

Getting it all off

Soak a washcloth in warm water and wring it. Use the washcloth to remove makeup and follow up with a milk-based cleanser.

Have a bewitching and fun-filled Halloween! You can also read our Halloween Product Guide from last year here.

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