Top 3 Rituals For Self-Love Answered by Our Favorite Founders [3/ 3]

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Brand: Niucoco

James’s 3 Rituals:  

1. Think of three positive things that happened in your day, every day. This daily routine rewires your brain to see the good parts of life.

2. Give a compliment to a stranger. Their smile will make you smile! Most people find that doing something positive for someone else is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

3. Remind yourself you are enough. Make this your mantra and never forget you already have everything it takes to succeed!


Brand: Vita Liberata

Alyson’s 3 Rituals:

1.  A good skincare routine - I couldn’t live without our Self Tanning Anti Age Serum for a healthy, natural looking glow.

2. Positive thinking - a can-do attitude is the only way to make things happen!

3. Eating healthily - kale is my go-to ingredient, it’s full of antioxidants and keeps me glowing from the inside out.


Brand: Living Nature Store

Ross’s 3 Rituals:

1. Relaxing while enjoying live music by one or more of Toronto’s talented blues musicians.

2. Enjoying a relaxing, refreshing facial by Amanda of Living Nature Store.

3. A hot yoga session at Moksha Yoga Bloor West.


Brand: Biossance

Caroline’s 3 Rituals:

1. Baths in aromatherapy to clear my mind and body.

2. Lymphatic massage to manage my central nervous system and deeply relax.

3. Getting a full night’s sleep with my bedroom sprayed in essential oils.


Brand: Aiona Alive

Lisa’s 3 Rituals:

1. 15 min energy - alignment process (quiet your mind, feel your vibration rise and write a list of things you appreciate in your life).

2. Chinese herbology.

3. 3 x 4 km runs per week.


Brand: Zao

Gretta’s 3 Rituals:

1. Make a prayer and think in all good things I have in my surroundings and being grateful for being in that moment wherever I am.

2. Meditate in what I can improve instead of criticize others in what they do need to improve so that I can grow as a person.

3. Look myself in the mirror very closely and see if I am really taking the time for myself spiritually, physically and mentally. I love to feel and look the best I can, using all natural resources that now are around us.

And that’s a wrap on our Top 3 Rituals For Self-Love Answered by Our Favorite Founders series! We hope you feel a little more inspired to indulge in yourself today.

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