Top 3 Rituals For Self-Love Answered by Our Favourite Founders [1 / 3]

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Here at Think Dirty, we believe that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for celebrating your romantic relationships (or dwelling on them either), but rather to celebrate love in all forms— especially self love. We asked our brand partners for their top three rituals for self-love and hopefully they inspire you to indulge in yourself today! Kicking off with week 1 we have: Jusu Body, Cannabliss OrganicTropic Skincare, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Alchimie Forever, Buckaroo Organics and Kiss Me Honey.

Brand: Jusu Body 

Sarah’s 3 rituals:

1. Music + Movement = Medicine: I turn on soulful tunes, dance and move to my heart’s content; a stretch and dance party in one. This is a sure-fire way to spark my inner radiance and appreciate my body for exactly how it feels and where I am at.

2. Date  for One: Carving out time to hang out with myself is an integral part of my self-love routine. It gives me the time and freedom to check in with myself and be present in my heart and body. Sometimes I end up at a yoga class, or go on a meditative walk, other times I curl up with a cup of tea in bed watching Netflix.

3. Luxuriate  in my senses: I love to take the time to luxuriate and be mindful with my skincare routine. Instead of cleansing my face as a mundane daily activity, I like to put it on in a loving, intentional manner paying special attention to the texture and aroma of my cleanser. Face masks have always signified self-care and self-love to me because they go hand in hand with doing something luxurious and intentional for myself - taking a bath and putting on my favourite Jusu Body Glacial Clay Face Mask that smells and feels heavenly.

Brand: Cannabliss Organic

Melissa’s 3 Rituals:

1. Making time for me-time I light a candle, put on soft music and pamper my skin with an at-home facial mask, dry scrub or lavender essential oil milk bath. This relaxing ritual helps me leave all the stresses of the day far, far behind.

2. Heading outdoors Hiking, walking or exploring nature inspires me to reflect on what’s important in life and energizes me at the same time. A breath of fresh air really works wonders on my mood (and the vitamin D helps too!). 

3. Playing with my pets Spending time with my dogs – taking them to the park, grooming them or playing fetch with them, fills me with great joy. They’re so happy and carefree…it’s pure, genuine love!


Brand: Tropic Skincare

Susan’s 3 Rituals:

1. Treat my skin: I love the feeling of freshly polished skin, so every Sunday I reach for our founding product, Body Smooth Refreshing Polish, to make my skin feel fresh and smooth. The mineral-rich sea salts buff the skin, whilst macadamia and golden jojoba oils leave a gorgeous, moisturized feeling – it always leaves me relaxed and pampered.

2. Get out there: My wanderlust is no secret, new experiences have an amazing influence on your wellbeing, so I love swapping the day-to-day for a trip away to discover new things. I recently went diving in Mexico and felt so inspired afterward. Wherever I go, our Tamanu Healing Balm comes too – it’s just the ultimate holiday skin savior!

3. Learn something new: I have a journal where I jot down skills I want to master; it could be something simple like oil pulling for healthier gums, or something bigger like learning to play piano. I feel inspired by others and set these self-improvements throughout the year; it’s really rewarding to look back on everything I’ve achieved for a motivational boost.


Brand: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Karina’s 3 Rituals:

1. I love my skin to feel nourished, so I treat my face to the naturally antioxidant-rich Pomegranate Day Cream. It truly leaves it hydrated all day.

2. Yoga on a morning sets me up for the day ahead. Getting out of bed an hour earlier isn’t the easiest thing, especially in winter, but I always thank myself for the ritual stretching.

3. I try to be kind to my body in any small way I can. Simple actions like using a natural deodorant that doesn’t block my pores is such an easy way to work towards this.


Brand: Alchimie Forever

Ada’s 3 Rituals:

1. I wake up very early (4:30 or 5:00 am) and have two hours to myself in the peace and quiet of dawn. I use that time to work out (Soulcycle or a run), catch up on work (happily and productively), or read (for work or pleasure).

2. I treat myself to a glass of champagne or wine (full of antioxidants), sometimes even with lunch (very European of me), to celebrate a small victory, a big win, or to process something that did not go as planned.

3. I get a blowout! Nothing says personal joy to me like a good hair day.

4. I buy myself flowers. I should indulge in this ritual of self-love more frequently - even a small bouquet lights up a room and smells divine.


Brand: Buckaroo Organics

Lindsay’s 3 Rituals:

1.Scheduling time for myself…ALONE, kid-free and no technology! It is hard to carve out time to unplug!

2. Pray, daily. If my heart is right, many other things stay in line :)

3. I buy good coffee. Sometimes I have to reheat the same cup 3x…but if it tastes yummy, it is one small thing that makes me happy and takes no extra time.


Brand: Kiss Me Honey

Kellie’s 3 Rituals:

1. Meditate.

2. Take time for myself.

3. Pamper myself once in awhile.

Stay tuned tomorrow where we will be featuring brands Elate CosmeticsErin’s FacesInnersense BeautyKosmatologyLa Mav, and Rejuva Minerals!

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