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As part of the Think Dirty Team, I see a lot of products come through the office. As such, the one question I get asked most often by friends, family, and strangers is “what do you use?” While what is in my bag on a daily basis rotates, here are a few of my staples and most loved products!

I am a sucker for a good moisturizer as I have extremely dry skin and we live in Canada. Biossance is a Think Dirty team fave and I always carry not one, but two of their products. The combination of their Biossance — Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer and Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil keep my skin hydrated and protected. I love the minis!

If you know me you know my number one skincare tip is sunscreen every day. I never go anywhere without an awesome clean sunscreen like Mad Hippie’s Facial 30 SPF so I can reapply throughout the day. I love how it blends in seamlessly without leaving a white cast.

With all the sunscreen application, I am bound to need a touch-up or two to get me through the day. Fitglow Conceal+ in C1 to the rescue! This concealer is creamy and blendable while providing flawless coverage. One little tube means I can skip carrying foundation which is a plus in my books.

As clean beauty champions we are often running from work to events and need a few simple products to get us through the day (and night). For this, I love Milk Makeup’s KUSH High Volume Mascara and Erth Minerals Petal Blusher. I used to be a diehard for one of the most popular mascara brands on the market. Milk Makeup was the only brand that was able to deliver the same results without the Polyester-11. Being super fair, a lot of blush looks clownish on my skin, Erth Minerals light powder leaves me with the perfect natural blush.

Some may say I have a slight lipstick addiction. Not pictured are the 20 other lipsticks I carry with me. The two shown here are YULIP’s Angry Rose lipstick and Evio Beauty’s Hydrating Lip Gloss in Val. While Angry Rose is my go-to for a bold color that leaves my lips soft, Evio Beauty’s Lip Gloss is the perfect daytime shade. I love that the lip gloss provides buildable color and is never sticky. Of course, the perfect base to both of those is the Province Apothecary Repairing + Conditioning Lip Balm. This balm is super hydrating and made by a fellow Toronto company!

Last by certainly not least is a Primally Pure’s Blue Tansy Deodorant. This is absolutely my go-to natural deodorant. It smells amazing and actually works! Primally Pure also happens to be a Think Dirty team fave with an awesome female founder.

In case you’re curious about my little mirror it is a gift from Florence from my Mama. The adorable hair elastics are from a recent bachelorette party. Note the “To have and to hold your hair back” quote on the package.

xoxo  Leslie

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