12 Female Founded Apps To Help You Live Your Best Life

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It’s a new year so it’s time for a new you! Well actually, we think it’s time for not a brand new you, just an improved version. You know the one who actively tries to go to yoga twice a week, cooks more healthy meals, maybe even stick to a skincare routine. New years is the perfect time to form better habits to take care of yourself and these twelve female-founded apps are a great place to start.

  1. Shine

Co-Founders: Marah Lidey & Naomi Hirabayashi

Sometimes we all need a little pep talk. Shine is the app you need to remind your self that you can handle whatever comes across your path. Shine lets you start your mornings off right with a text every weekday with research-backed advice and affirmations that work for you. You can even set a self-care goal to get personalized audio challenges and self-improvement audio tracks you can listen to on your lunch break, walk to the gym, or commute to work.

2. Gratitude

Founder: Carla White

Life gets busy. We feel like we can do more to achieve more, whether it’s in our personal or professional lives. Sometimes you need to take a deep breath, step back, and appreciate what you already have. Gratitude Journal allows you to capture the day’s best moments while giving your reminders to help you along your personalized progress. Every day you take five minutes to reflect on yourself to write five things you’re grateful for. Backed by doctors, it rewards you for writing milestones to improve your long term well being, sleep quality, and emotional strength.

3. 24me

Founder: Liat Hertanu

I’ve always said my life would be so much more organized if I had a personal assistant. With 24me, I can have one in the palm of my hand! It’s easy to use, all in one app that keeps track of your calendar, to-do list, notes, and personal accounts to put your life in order. It automatically generates personal reminders, organizes your schedule, and auto-completes tasks and errands. It enables customization and syncs with all your devices including Alexa.

4. Embodia

CoFounder: Maggie Bergeron

Live your best life with your best health. Embodia is an online health learning platform for healthcare practitioners and patients. With courses with available for your health preferences and conditions. It provides a range of resources for at home physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises, mental health exercises, education of nutrition, meditation, and wellness, and online forums for peer support.

5. Clue

Co-Founder: Ida Tin

Self care goes beyond beauty and mental health, taking care of your physical health is just as important. Clue is more than just your regular period tracker. It gives predictions and analysis that are unique to you and your body. It learns about your personal patterns with over 30 tracking options that range from birth control to cramps, emotions, and skin condition to give you in-depth insights on your period, PMS, and fertile window.

6. AccessNow

Founder: Maayan Ziv

Accessibility information is vital for those who need it, however, it’s not always readily available. For instance, being in a wheelchair and going to see a movie, only to realize there is no accessible way for you to get into the movie theater, it a very unpleasant experience. AccessNow is here to eliminate those experiences by bridging the information gap. By sharing accessibility information about locations all over the world, it has created a global community that is empowered to map out accessible locations and turn the inaccessible to grant all people access.

7. ClassPass

Founder: Payal Kadakia

Self care means taking care of your body. But finding the right fitness classes for you can be time-consuming and costly. Classpass gives you a commitment free pass to let you access any class at any participating studio of your choice? Want to try a morning spin class? Boxing? Barre fitness? Yoga? Class pass lets you shop around until you find your perfect fitness fit. Best of all, signing up for your first month is free!

8. DriveHER

Founder: Aisha Addo

I know I’m not the only one who gets hyper-conscious when taking an Uber late at night. DriveHER is an app that eliminates that fear. It’s a ridesharing app and community designed to provide a safe space for everyone who identifies as women. It has all female drive staff to put your safety as a priority. They also participate in honest pricing, meaning no surge charges and give back to charities and non-profits that help causes that empower women and violence again women.

9. Dipsea

Co-Founders: Gina Gutierrez & Faye Keegan

Dipsea is the future of Literotica, erotic literature. It lets you get in touch with your sensuality on the go. Women’s sexual pleasure mediums are often put aside but Dipsea lets you change that by using a science-backed method called sexual framing that puts your brain over your body. Dubbed as the “headspace of erotica”, this app lets women hear audio stories catered to their preferences and intentions of what they are in the mood for, you can even listen with your partner to spice things up.

10. Bumble

Founder: Whitney Wolfe

Expanding outside your social circle can be scary, thankfully we have Bumble to make it easier. Whether you’re looking for a Friday night date, to make friends in the city you just moved to, or want to expand your professional network, Bumble helps you do that. Through their different channels of Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, Bumble Bizz you can build your profile chose where to expand your contacts.

11. Think Dirty

Founder: Lily Tse

Being a conscious consumer can be tough. You’re always looking to make the best decision for your health but confusing ingredients, dishonest claims, and misleading packaging backed by loose regulations can make those decisions can be hard. The Think Dirty app, informs consumers about the harmful toxic ingredients lurking in your cosmetics, household, and personal care products. Consumers just scan their products on the app to see a Dirty Meter rating from 0–10 with 0 being the cleanest and view non-toxic alternatives and sign up to receive a monthly Beauty Box with clean products.

12. Mend

Founder: Ellen Heurta

Breakups are hard, there’s no doubt about that. Transitioning and adjusting to your new life comes with an influx of emotions. Mend helps you deal with your post-breakup self by giving you daily check-ins on how you feel, daily audio recordings, and tailored content while letting your track your progress. It feels like your talking to your BFF, if your BFF had research backed holistic training.

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